July 9, 2008

Report: New Yankee Stadium Could Host 2010 Winter Classic

John Dellapina of the New York Daily News is reporting that Gary Bettman, New York Yankees Chief Operating Office Lonn Trost, and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently met and discussed the possibility of holding the 2010 edition of the Winter Classic at the new Yankee Stadium, which is set to open next year.

Logistical issues were the reason why the 2009 game will be awarded to Chicago and not close out the current Yankee Stadium, but obviously holding this type of event in New York would be a no-brainer for the NHL. The Rangers would definitely be involved, despite the fact the Islanders began discussions with the City and Yankee officials a few years back. Their opponent would likely be the Bruins to give the match-up an Original Six tone and to make NBC happy by having two large television markets involved and not just one.

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