July 6, 2008

Report: Wrigley Field Will Definitely Host 2009 Winter Classic

Michael Russo of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports that an announcement will be made next week that Wrigley Field in Chicago will host the 2009 Winter Classic against the Detroit Red Wings.

Back in late May Comcast SportsNet Chicago had reported the same details, but I would believe that Gary Bettman and other NHL executives were hoping to have more time to plan out the game to be held at Yankee Stadium, the latest event ever at the legendary baseball stadium. Apparently the plumbing issues that stood in the way of a no-brainer decision to hold the game at Yankee Stadium are the reason that it appears to be headed to Chicago.

The NHL schedule could be out this week or next week from what I've heard. So, either this announcement will be in conjunction with the league releasing the schedule or as part of the Blackhawks fan convention being held this week.

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Sean said...

Interesting. When I went to a Chicago game last December, you could tell that the fans really wanted a winning team. The ownership seems to have done its job this offseason with the free agent signing and the Winter Classic will certainly help the team's exposure.