July 31, 2008

Scotty Bowman to the Chicago Blackhawks

Remember back in June, when HockeyBuzz blogger Andy Strickland floated a rumor of Scotty Bowman leaving the Detroit Red Wings and HockeyTown to join the Chicago Blackhawks in a hockey operations position?

Do you remember the backlash Strickland received from people?

Do you also remember that, while all the rumor floating was going on, Bob McKenzie wasn't so quick to dismiss it?

"Before you dismiss it as unfounded speculation, understand this: There is every reason to believe there has been conversation between Bowman and the Blackhawks about that very subject."

Well, bust out them crow pies.

The connection between the Blackhawks and the Hall of Fame coach is simple: Bowman's son Stan is the assistant general manager there, so today's announcement that he will become the Senior Advisor of Hockey Operations should come as no surprise.

Bowman's been rumored to have been courted by the Toronto Maple Leafs in the past, but always stayed at home with the Red Wings. He'll be joining an upstart franchise that's going to be growing into its own with young stars in Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, and newly acquired Brian Campbell.

Ballhype: hype it up!


Stevens8204 said...

Score one for Andy!! A much deserved congrats to the man who took a lot of heat and stuck to his guns. Great to see he was right on the money.

Scott said...

Nice to hear. Bowman's always held a place in this pens fans' heart, and it's nice to see him getting involved in such an up-and-coming team.