July 30, 2008

Wednesday Afternoon Required Reading

A piece on young players who may be eligible for this year's World Junior Championships, if they don't make their respective NHL clubs of course. (Globe & Mail)

Wayne Gretzky, one of America's greatest athletes. (NHL Fanhouse)

What salary arbitration is really like. (James Mirtle)

Time is running out for you to get your Gary Bettman Heroism photoshops in to Greg Wyshynski. (Puck Daddy)

Mats Sundin signs with the Habs? FOO YOU! (Four Habs Fans)

What Gary Bettman's retirement speech would sound like. (Melt Your Face Off)

Is 'Rocket' Richard the greatest player of all time? (Greatest Hockey Legends)

Connie brings us the Top 10 "Way Too Adorable" hockey players. (A Queen Among Kings)

Help out Christy's "Kneed 4 Relief" campaign. (Behind the Jersey)

Only an Islanders fan can explain what's next for that team. (BD Gallof)

Steven Stamkos and his electric eel Lightning jersey. (Far Away Leaf)

Are these the next coaching interviews to be done by Garth Snow? (Not Your Average Ice Girl)

An interview with former NHL'er Jason Wiemer (Rumor Me This)

Ballhype: hype it up!

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