August 26, 2008

Fantasy Hockey Team Name Suggestions

It's fantasy hockey season time and well, it's time to pick some team names. It seems as if I'm going to have around 6-8 teams this year (I know, I have issues) and with that I'll need to come up with some witty hockey-related team names.

In the past I've used "MalkinTents", "Inflatable Soulmates", "Le Manifiques", "Huggy Bears", and the "Mighty Fcuk's" amongst others.

Some of the suggestions I received on Facebook today: "Don't Toews Me Bro", "The Troy Loneys", and "Hobo Dick Cheese".

I don't have any in mind yet as I've yet to begin thinking about it, but what are some of the best fantasy hockey team names you can think of or have seen in the past?

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benbca said...

love your site... great work.

our fantasy league we always try to pick a real city, some names we've had in our league:

sodom icers
victoria secrets
uranus puckers
flatbush divers

Jack said...

always liked

Bisquit hunters