August 4, 2008

Mario Lemieux Week Day 1: 5 Goals, 5 Different Ways

Today's highlight comes from December 31, 1988 against the New Jersey Devils. Lemieux became the only player to score a power-play, short-handed, even-strength, penalty shot, and empty net goal in the same game. It's never been done before and I believe we might never see it happen again.

Ballhype: hype it up!


Breeze said...

That's my absolute favorite Mario memory. Simply incredible.

stokes said...

i actually attended the game, and while my dad told me what was happening (i was 7), it was still too much for me to understand.


this may be the best week in Blog history.

Brian said...

Man, I remember when we were watching that on TV, brother.

I agree - a very tough thing to duplicate.

Scott said...

Nice. Counter Gretzky week with Lemieux week!

I'm looking forward to it, and it'll be nice to relive some of the best moments in the Lemieux age...