August 25, 2008

Monday Morning Required Reading

I, too, am ready for hockey to begin and a bonus video of NES Ice Hockey! (Scarlett Ice)

The Wayne Gretzky Sucks Photoshop Expo (ThePensBlog)

She may be a Flyers fan, but worthy causes are nothing to boo. (Flyers Femme)

Fighting pays. (Fanhouse)

Eric Duhatschek on the Stefan Legein saga. (Globe and Mail)

Six reasons why Mario is better than Wayne. (Experience the Evolution)

Chris Chelios wants to return to Chicago in some capacity. (Behind the Jersey)

An interview with Puck Daddy. (Scotty Wazz)

Allan Muir is confused. (Blueland Blog)

New Isles coach Scott Gordon looks happy to be tending goal with no mask on. (Islanders Army)

The greatest photos in hockey history countdown continues. (Greatest Hockey Legends)

A review of the NHL2K9 demo. (Far Away Leaf)

Alyssa Milano wants you to buy her clothing. (Hockey, Football, and Stiletto Shoes)

NHL jersey's need to be more colorful. Less black please. (Jibblescribbits)

Hockey and heavy metal go together like lamb and tuna fish. (

Some YouTube videos to keep you busy. (NHL Arena Program)

Pre-season rankings are always fun. (USA Today)

Russian gameshows are beginning to give Japanese ones a run for their money. (Japer's Rink)

Ballhype: hype it up!

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