August 11, 2008

Tuesday Morning Reading Material

If you're a Pens fan, you remember Billy Tibbets. Here's an urban legend as to why he departed Pittsburgh. (The Sweater Ted)

Ranking Sid the Kid at 21 versus some of the greats. (Pittsburgh Puck Talk)

Hartford Whalers gear comes at a steep price. (LCS Hockey)

Do more goals equal higher attendances? (Taking One for the Team)

Anytime you include a YouTube video of High Fidelity, you get a link from me. (Wrap Around Curl)

The son of WWF wrestler Animal, now a linebacker at Ohio State, started out playing hockey. (Puck Daddy)

Shouldn't the Gretzky trade really be categorized as a sale? (Cult of Hockey)

Just. End. It. Already. (CBC Sports)

Is the 08-09 preseason schedule a hint of things to come? (Scotty Wazz)

Danny Devito. Scotty Bowman look-a-like. (Barry Melrose Rocks)

Design the mask of Vancouver's backup goalie, Curtis Sanford. (Icethetics)

The fact sheet for NHL 09 (Operation Sports)

Lyle Richardson calls BS on those with the "sources" (FOX Sports)

The Blues, like many teams, are adding a premium to certain ticket prices. (St. Louis Gametime)

Early thoughts on the USA and Canadian hockey squads if the Games were today. (Puck Stops Here)

NESN fails to renew the contract of Rob Simpson. (Boston Globe)

Ballhype: hype it up!


wrap around curl said...

Thanks for the sweet sweet link action.

The Puck Stops Here said...

I didn't make any predictions at all for the 2010 Olympic Teams.