August 22, 2008

Who the Hell Autographed This St. Louis Blues Jersey?

Sean is on a much-needed vacation at the moment in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. In his place are a bevy of all-star bloggers from around the Internets.

Today, Greg Wyshynski from Yahoo! Sports Puck Daddy blog will be your kind host.

Why do I get a Friday at the end of August? Seriously, this is like NBC debuting a comedy at 9:30 on a Saturday night. I feel like the “Inside Schwartz” of guest hockey bloggers. Leahy, you are teh suck.

Since I’ve been charged with filling space while Sean staggers around in a haze of rum while picking sand out of the most uncomfortable of places (like in the back of a Volkswagen), I decided to use this post to help solve my own personal conundrum.

I have a rather small collection of hockey jerseys in my closet: Four Devils sweaters (including a red-and-green one that I’m pretty sure my father made with electrical tape), a Predators, a Finnish national team, a Gretzky-era Kings, a Canadiens Roy jersey and a Nash Blue Jackets jersey (because he’s a cool dude). But I also have a white replica St. Louis Blues jersey that I snagged off of eBay.

That smudge you see is this autograph, which the seller mentioned in his pitch.

I’ve worn the jersey on many occasions. I have no fracking clue who signed it.

A first glance makes me think it could be Craig Janney. But that last name doesn’t look like it begins with a “J.” Cliff Ronning? It doesn’t look like an “R” either. In my dreams I want to believe it’s Chris Pronger, but the jersey has a little age on it and I’m not convinced. The name the autograph most resembles is Corey Perry, but that’s impossible.

What has me worried is this: When I was a young lad, I took a baseball glove to a Mets/Reds game. I was getting as many autographs as I could from the Cincinnati players, because we were on their side of the diamond. I had autographs from John Franco and a few other familiar names. When I took the glove home, there was a name I couldn’t make out. And then I flashed back to the autograph scrum and realized who it was: The damn batboy for the Reds reached up and starting signing stuff. What a dick.

So this could be Craig Janney or Cliff Ronning or Chris Pronger or Corey Perry or a stick-boy. Any help?

Happy weekend, everyone. Hope you get some muscle from behind.

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Loser Chris said...

It's gotta be Janney. Only guy I ever saw pass on a solo breakaway.

DrunkArmyFan said...

Pretty sure that's Chris Pronger

Eighty-Two said...

Do I see a number to the right of the sig?

Surely, you can get a better photo for us.

Don't think it's Pronger or Janney.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Connie Forey? Puck Daddy, he did play like 4 games ... *laughs*

Sorry, that was mean ... your blog is fine *smiles*

Pronger seems unlikely

Not Janney either

Although I can't find Forey's autograph (he played 4 games in the NHL), it seems like a fit.

GREGSKY said...

That's Craig Janney. I've gotten his autograph many times and sometimes he loops back with the "J" and sometimes he doesn't so it looks like a "P" or "L". If the space is small he will group both names together and it looks like the example shown by "i have kasparaitis" - hope this helps.


Laura said...

I think that's Janney - I have his autograph at home and it looks pretty much exactly the same.