August 28, 2008

Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey Delayed Until Early September

For weeks, hockey fans have been logging on to Yahoo!'s fantasy hockey page only to be greeted by this message:

The 2008-09 Fantasy Hockey season starts soon. Join us in late-August
when registration begins.

This past Tuesday morning, it appeared that registration had opened. I logged on and was able to create four different fantasy leagues and send out invites to interested participants.

Then I get to work and find that the 2008 registration page is down and replaced with the 07 page showing the same message as before. Those who had received invites were unable to register for their 2008 leagues once Yahoo! took everything down.

I decided to email Yahoo! for an explanation received this email "explanation":


Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Sports.

I apologize for any issues you've experienced after creating your
Fantasy Hockey League.

Regretfully, registration was opened early for about 6 hours on Tuesday
morning. It appears you were able to create a league prior to
registration being closed again. Therefore, managers cannot join your
group until registration opens again.

Please note, your league will be kept intact and won't be deleted prior
to registration opening.

We're also working on adding more players to the player pool. All
relevant NHL players will be added to the game prior to registration.

Registration is scheduled to open early September.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.

Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Sports.



Yahoo! Customer Care

Notice the message said registration is now "early September". The website now reflects that change. No explanation for why things opened up and then were quickly shutdown.

Unfortunately for us puckheads dying to get our leagues and drafts going, we're going to have to wait a few more days for our fantasy fix.

UPDATE: From what I'm hearing, Yahoo! was missing a lot of players as part of their list and the earlier reported "live draft" date wasn't until September 8th. Looks like they're working out the bugs.

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sh0ez said...

Damn Yahoo. Hah.

First time posting. Just added GFH has a bookmark to check everyday. Don't know why I hadn't before! Hah.

This will be my first experience playing fantasy hockey. Hopefully I'm not too bad!

btumpak said...

espn's has been up for a while now - works great

Bobby Steels said...

Aaaaahhhh soooo frustrating. Keep Yahoo, though. I've got to add to my trophy case.