September 10, 2008

Complete List of VIntage Jerseys in NHL 09

So NHL 09 is out now and there have been teases of vintage jerseys being available in the game for some time now in different screen shots and videos.

Here's the full list of what vintage sweaters are in the game:

'26-27 Bruins away
'72-73 Atlanta Flames home/away
'43-44 Chicago home/away
'80-81 Quebec Nordiques home/away
'67-68 Minnesota North Stars home/away
'74-75 California Golden Seals home/away
'67-68 California Golden Seals home/away
'76-77 Cleveland Barons away
'28-29 Detroit home
'79-80 Edmonton home/away
'98-99 LA Kings home/away
'67-68 LA Kings home/away
'27-28 Toronto home/away
'26-27 Toronto St. Pat's home
'82-83 Vancouver home/away
'94-95 Vancouver home/away
'22-23 Montreal home
'74-75 Kansas City Scouts home/away
'76-77 Colorado Rockies home/away
'72-73 NY Islanders home/away
'76-77 NY Rangers home/away
'18-19 Ottawa home
'67-68 Philadelphia home/away
'80-81 Winnipeg Jets home/away
'91-92 Pittsburgh home/away
'67-68 St. Louis home/away

There are blacked out "locked" jerseys available that will be the new third's many teams will be unveiling over the coming weeks.

The international jerseys are disappointing yet again as they are just the country's colors and a flag in the middle of it. EA needs that IIHF license big time.

Mario Lemieux Foundation total donation: $70

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Evan50 said...

What? No Whale jersey? Now there's no reason to play as the Canes.

Going Five Hole said...

the City of Hartford owns the Whalers logo rights, not the NHL

Adam said...

Anyone know if there will be a way to use the logos on custom teams, and actually play as these old teams (wpg, que, etc)? so far it seems like you can only play them as phoenix, colorado or whatever, and the center ice logo and play by play doesnt change over as well.