September 6, 2008

The Hockey News Needs a Writer? Why Not Me Jason Kay?

In his weekly blog posted this morning, The Hockey News' editor-in-chief, Jason Kay broke the news that long-timer senior writer, Mike Brophy, would be leaving the magazine for a full-time role on Rogers Sportsnet television in Canada. And apparently, Kay doesn't have much faith in the News' farm system.

"Life, however, goes on. And while we may not unearth another Broph immediately, the challenge of replacing him also presents us with an opportunity.

For starters, like an NHL team that ranks high in Future Watch, we have an abundance of young talent at THN and we’re excited as they continue to grow into stars.

At the same time, our brand name gives us the ability, and credibility, to attract established writers and hockey personalities to lend their voices to our mix.

And that’s where you come in. We’d like to know whose work you’d like to read in the pages of The Hockey News and web pages of

We’re viewing this as a clean sheet of ice; we’ll consider every name, from veteran hockey writers and columnists, to broadcasters, to former players and executives. If there’s someone out there you feel would enhance our product, let us know."

And that's where I come in.

Mr. Kay, I'm going to throw my name into the hat as your next writer. Sure, you don't mention bloggers in your little list there, but as I'm sure you're aware by the abundance of them now on THN, bloggers are becoming a big deal now. We're getting paid. Breaking stories. Giving fans supplemental coverage of their favorite teams aside from the local beat writer. And scaring the bejesus out of the mainstream media.

So why not me? I'm an unabashed Penguins fan, sure, but I try not to let my biases slip through in analyzing the game. I attend 10-15 games a year here in the New York area and even have begun taking some road trips every season to Washington, D.C. and of course, the memorable pillage to my Graceland last May, Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh.

I've been known to call in sick in order to get out of work to catch a game. I have a strict policy of remaining indoors to watch the Stanley Cup Finals, shunning loved ones around me and, most importantly, I've been a loyal subscriber to your magazine for the past eight years. (you're welcome).

Oh, and I'm sure you can get me a bit cheaper than what you were giving Broph.

Do you need more information Mr. Kay? Want to fly me up to TO and wine me and dine me? Need my address to mail the contract? Feel free to contact me. I'll be waiting.

Once you're done crossing the t's and dotting the i's on my contract, make sure you join the Facebook group for this cause!

Mario Lemieux Foundation: $45

Ballhype: hype it up!


Stephanie said...

Any word yet? I'm interested to see the response (hopefully he'll consider)!!

I'll be putting a post about this on my blog shortly (I apologize it didn't get up sooner)!!

I fully support your efforts and admire your enthusiasm to go for what you want!!

I'm behind you!
The Steel City Sports Fan (Penguins Edition)

Going Five Hole said...

No word yet Stephanie...though this "campaign" is half-hearted at best.

Thanks for your support. Your "Leahy in '08" bumper sticker is on its way.