September 30, 2008

Jim Cohen Will Also Soon Be "Irrelevant"

The economy is hitting hockey writer's just like everyone else. William Houston of the Globe and Mail has an interesting blurb in his latest article that won't make hockey fans too happy.

The Philadelphia Inquirer's long-time hockey writer, Tim Panaccio, accepted a buyout after he was taken off the Flyers beat and assigned to cover the Philadelphia Eagles. Panaccio says he was told by the newspaper's sports editor, Jim Cohen, that hockey was “an irrelevant sport” and that in Philadelphia, the Eagles “far outweighed anything else.”

Eric McErlain also gives his take over at Fanhouse.

What's funny is that the newspaper business is quickly dying and become irrelevant in keeping up with the news. By the time you receive your morning newspaper, it's already outdated. The Internet and blogs are filling in the gaps and giving people news as it happens, whenever they want. I also think it's kind of odd to be calling hockey "irrelevant" in a city like Philadelphia, which has a rich hockey tradition

I cannot wait for Jim Cohen's sports blog on Blogger or Wordpress coming to a dot com near you once the Philadelphia Inquirer cuts his job because, in the world, the Internet already "outweighs" newspapers.

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violator said...

Great blog, keep on the good work!

Stevens8204 said...

That will definitely be sweet irony Sean...great work!

CapsKremlin said...

Great blog, I wrote about this too. As a journalism major hoping to one day work in the news media, seeing newspapers cut back on local coverage is in my opinion the wrong direction to go. Taking away the beat reporters is taking away what gives your paper an identity and keeps your front page from being written by the AP.

Whale4ever said...

Nice going, Sean. A topic that's too often ignored. Obviously, PAnther fans were not immune.

I touched on this a bit in The Litter Box today; then asked via email for comment from several of those close to the situation - sources from both the Panthers and the Palm Beach Post - but have heard nothing to this point.

Jeez...the least any of them can do is acknowledge the action. Call it "financial straits" and be done with it. However, the Post has made no mention of this taking place, at least not on their site.

We're simply too dumb down here to notice the associated press byline before each article, right? We, fans consistently deemed the most affluent and educated of the major sports leagues, would never catch on.

All of a sudden last week they were devoid of original articles and info regarding the team. when the Cats left for western canada, only George Richards of the Miami Herald and Steve Gorten of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel accompanied them. No Brian Biggane of the Post. To coin a phrase, you could smell a rat.

I'll miss Biggane.