September 18, 2008

Matthew Barnaby to Join ESPN

The LCS Radio Hockey show kids got the ball rolling with the story as Barnaby broke the news with Mike Dell and Jerry Fairish that he was going to interview with ESPN to replace Barry Melrose.

Now, Alan Pergament of the Buffalo News is reporting that Barnaby will take the gig, with an announcement to possibly come within the next few days.

A decision was expected to be made soon with the NHL season set to begin two weeks from Saturday. Rumors swirled after Melrose's departure from Tampa in June as to who would replace the long-time face of hockey on the WorldWide Leader.

Barnaby will bring a fresh voice to ESPN and is a guy who will not hold anything back. It should be interesting to see how he does.

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Shannon said...

Not going to lie huge Matthew Barnaby fan...always have been :-)

Aron said...

this can only be a good thing

Hooks Orpik said...

I like Barnaby too much to see him joining the Evil Empire, but I hope he does well.

Paul said...

This should be an interesting choice if indeed Matthew Barnaby is Barry Melrose's replacement at ESPN, Sean. I don't think Barnaby can replace what Melrose brought to the network with the kind of personality and what insight he provided. I just hope Barnaby does a good job. But ESPN needs to cover the NHL again and do so like they actually care. Having just Barnaby and periodically E.J. Hradek make appearances on ESPNEWS is not enough.