September 2, 2008

Monday Afternoon Required Reading

A Penguins blogger round-table, featuring yours truly among some other notable blogs/personalities. (The Confluence of the Three Rivers)

Greg Wyshynski's "5 Ways" he'd change the NHL. (Puck Daddy)

If you want to see your head spin from ridiculousness, just read the commentors over at Puck Daddy.

Here's some more folks with their own "5 Ways" lists:

In Lou We Trust
One Timer
Digital Journal
Battle of California
Bolts Blog
Scotty Wazz

The uphill battle the Pens face this season. (Spector at FOX Sports)

Something, something, pictureofCarrieMilbank, something. (Japer's Rink)

A site dedicated to the important stuff in hockey. (Hotties of Hockey)

The worst rated players in NHL2K9. (Puck That Hit)

According the some females, Fabian Brunnstrom is quite hte hottie. (Hockey for the Ladies)

Is Nikolai Khabibhulin going to be on the move? (TSN)

Jeremy Roenick is a better dancer than you'll ever be. (Sportsfiend)

The five worst off-season signings. (Red Light District)

Eric Lindros won't be at a captains ceremony due to prior commitment. Flyer fans are upset. Why? Don't they hate the guy? (The NHL Arena Program)

What's your favorite Penguins vintage jersey? (Pittsburgh Puck Talk)

One of my favorite hockey photos is #3 on Joe Pelletier's list. (Greatest Hockey Legends)

People don't like Ice Girls. (The State of Hockey News)

A video tribute to Stu Barnes. (Andrew's Stars Page)

Who's your favorite Hurricane that wore #37? (Red and Black Hockey)

How might those upcoming third jersey's look? (Icethetics)

Mario Lemieux Foundation total $10

Ballhype: hype it up!

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