September 22, 2008

Monday Afternoon Required Reading

An amazing 80's commercial featuring baseball player Tony Fernandez, Golden Girl Bea Arthur, and Mario Lemieux. (Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies)

The Thrashers interesting slogan for the '08-09 season. (Fire Wagon Hockey)

Which team should be considered hockey's flagship franchise? (The Hockey News)

John Ferguson, Jr. has resurfaced in San Jose. (TSN)

John Dellapina is leaving the New York Rangers beat to become the new Director of Media Relations for the NHL. (NY Daily News)

Training camps are opening up. What to look for. (Craig Custance- Sporting News)

Some great training camp coverage of the Penguins. (Faceoff Factor)

Who was the first goaltender to use a water bottle? (Greatest Hockey Legends)

The Blues new sweaters are pretty nifty. (Icethetics)

More love for the Sabres new duds. (Scotty Wazz)

Verizon FIOS and the NHL Network/Center Ice. (Puck Daddy)

EA Sports thinks Chris Chelios is old. (Melt Your Face Off)

Patrice Brisbois not welcomed back in Montreal. (Four Habs Fans)

Congrats to Sherry as Scarlett Ice turned two years old on Saturday. The terrible two's will be fun. (Scarlett Ice)

Chris Pronger has his own website. (Chris Pronger)

Meet the Bruins Ice Girls team. (

A look inside Evgeni Malkin's entry-level contract. (Daniel Tolensky)

The Habs-Leafs rivalry is fun. (He Score, He Shoot)

Did you celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day? (On Frozen Blog)

Mario Lemieux Foundation total donation: $160

Ballhype: hype it up!

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Milton Byron said...

The Thrashers should have remembered that stewed tomatoes also come in a can and they can't make spaghetti sauce without some MEAT, come on rethink that slogan, I thought they were speaking about the Hurricanes !!!!!!!!