September 29, 2008

Monday Afternoon Required Reading

Don't expect to hear a true diagnosis on your favorite injured player this season. (James Mirtle)

RIP Reg Dunlop. (Puck Daddy)

Can the Bruins find a partner to take Manny Fernandez? (Boston Blueline)

Chris Bourque is trying to stay on with the Caps. (Capitals Kremlin)

Cablevision buys the Islanders television rights, but doesn't like showing their games. (Islanders Point Blank)

An interview with the author of "Saving Face: The Art and History of the Goalie Mask", an awesome pictorial book that you should check out. (Greatest Hockey Legends)

Joe also has some tips on how to win your hockey pool.

Barry Melrose. Still adjusting to the "new" NHL. (nhLOL)

ThePensBlog has another photoshop challenge (ThePensBlog)

Who's the best goaltender since 1980? (One Timer)

Check out the start of the Asia League. (Phil Buchan)

Erik Johnson isn't happy about the rumors regarding his injury. (St. Louis Today)

The list of games to be featured on the Canadiens' greatest games DVD. (Eyes on the Prize)

Much like myself, Ryan Dixon is high on Dallas this season. (The Hockey News)

Have you checked out the new (NHL)

Troubles in Toronto. (Scotty Wazz)

Hurricane fans are missing their old beat writer, Luke DeCock. (The Sliding Pokecheck)

Pre-season hockey for free? Count me in. (On Frozen Blog)

The continuing celebration of the Canadiens. (Globe & Mail)

Mike Brophy campaigns for Steve Yzerman as the next Maple Leafs GM. (Sportsnet)

Ballhype: hype it up!

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