September 3, 2008

NHL 09 Overall Ratings Make You Say, "Huh?"

NHL 09 hits stores in about a week and has fans around the world clamoring for their annual hockey video game fix. Operation Sports has gotten their hands on a beta copy of the game and grab some screencaps of some of the overall player ratings for each team.

Safe to say, you'll be scratching your head at some of these.

Chris Pronger- 93
Scott Niedermayer- 91
Teemu Selanne- 89
Ryan Getzlaf- 88
Corey Perry- 84

Ilya Kovalchuk- 92

Zdeno Chara- 91

Thomas Vanek- 85

Jarome Iginla- 95
Robyn Regehr- 87
Dion Phaneuf- 86
(huh? the cover boy is rated lower than Robyn Regehr?)

Erik Staal- 89

Patrick Kane- 86
Jonathan Toews- 85
Brian Campbell- 82

Peter Forsberg- 95 (huh?)
Joe Sakic- 89

Rick Nash- 89
Mike Peca- 85 (what??)

Brad Richards- 90
Brendan Morrow- 86
Sean Avery- 79

Nicklas Lidstrom- 93
Marian Hossa- 91
Henrik Zetterberg- 89

Saku Koivu- 88
Alex Kovalev- 86

Scott Gomez- 88
Chris Drury- 85

Sidney Crosby- 96
Evgeni Malkin- 90

Paul Kariya- 89

Vincent Lecavalier- 92
Gary Roberts- 82
Ryan Malone- 80

Alex Ovechkin- 94 (lower than Forsberg?????)

I wonder if these will be adjusted once the game hits stores, otherwise there's going to be lots of player editing going on.

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JonnyP said...

I know I'm tired and probably not seeing things correctly ... however it looks like Forsberg has an 85 and Ovechkin a 94.

Although OV is lower than Iginla ...

Tom said...

A few of these might be off by +/- one or two points, but they look legit to me. Remember that the overall rating is based on the player's well-roundedness. Iginla brings more to the table than OV in terms of all-around game... even if he's less fun to watch and will probably be less of an impact on the scoreboard.

Going Five Hole said...

Sorry Jonny, my typo.

Forsberg is a 95

sh0ez said...

Staal and Sid on a line together?

sh0ez said...

And also:

This shows Malkin with Staal and Sid? Looks like Free Candy is out there too.

Going Five Hole said...

sh0ez: I wouldn't look too much into those line pairings. They're always mixed up for the most part as they're done by the player rankings typically.

Usually when they have roster updates, the actual lines are updated.

Loser Chris said...

The one that jumps out at me is Avery's rating. The guy may be a douche, but he's no 79 either.

sh0ez said...

gfh: Yeah. That'd be an interesting line at least. Hah. Although, wouldn't the game (assuming the lines are done by ranking) put an LW/RW there and not a C? Although I guess I've seen it done this way before. Just trying to throw some stuff out there. Hah.