September 23, 2008

Patrick Kane is Very Small and Very Young

The Blackhawks unveiled their Harris Club last week and as the team describes, "The new Club offers fans for the first time a luxurious executive suite experience at a fraction of the cost of suite ownership."

It's still $17,750 for season tickets or $175 a game for the following:

- 45 Bulls and 44 Blackhawks preseason and regular season home games
- Buffet-style dining with all beverages included at no additional charge
- One parking pass for every two seats purchased
- Three bars located within the Club Lounge atmosphere with couches, flat screen televisions, pool table, and Nintendo Wii
- Ample room to circulate within the Club

Anyway, they had a big party to announce this and Joakim Noah from the Bulls and Patrick Kane were on hand to represent the United Center's occupants. Here's some snapshots:

No, that's not a local kid from the YMCA playing Noah in Wii, that's Kane

Joakim Noah didn't get the memo about the suit.

I <3 style="text-align: left;">Wyshynski has more on the event, including interviews with Kane and Noah.

It's insane to me how young and small Kane is and how he's able to translate that into success in the NHL. I remember seeing his draft photo last year and shrieking in horror when I saw acne on his face. It made be feel incredibly old.

Mario Lemieux Foundation total donation: $175

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Matthew K. said...

Try being a blackhawks fan and getting your head around the fact that you'd actually pay a lot of money to buy a jersey of a kid that still looks like your little brother.. when your little brother was 15.

Scotty G said...

I literally thought that was just some kid standing there. Kane is really going to be an absolute beast when he fills out a little more