September 25, 2008

RBK's Highly Creative T-Shirt Slogan Makers

So the marketing geniuses at NHL-RBK has created these zesty new t-shirt in anticipation of next weekend's NHL Premiere series over in Stockholm and Prague.

Seriously, that must have been a pretty freakin' long brainstorming session to come up those catchy slogans. And the $26.99 price tag? You're better off putting that money towards NHL Center Ice or GameCenter Live.

Mario Lemieux Foundation total donation: $190

Ballhype: hype it up!


Jesse Marshall said...


I wrote an article on my site last week with the same title. It's pretty clear that the NHL is plagiarizing my work.

Do you think I have a suit?

Going Five Hole said...

Jesse, you might. It's obvious they need help on the creative side.

J.S. said...

The red NHL premiere shirt (big logo on back, NHL premiere in swedish on front) isn't a bad deal, but I'm not buying either of those shirts that you have listed.