September 14, 2008

Stefan Legein to Return?


"Legein, who last month stunned the hockey world when he announced he would hang up the blades after suffering from burnout, may now be contemplating a return to the ice. According to Legein’s agent, Doug Woods, whose client was a member of last year’s Canadian World Junior championship team and a second-round draft pick of the Blue Jackets in 2007, he has had conversations with Legein regarding the subject.

“I think after assessing the situation, I’ve learned that he had a lot of pressure on him the last year,” Woods told “He’s now seriously thinking about it and working some things out right now, and I feel confident that there’s a good possibility he will be back. We’re talking very regularly and certainly he’s willing to discuss it now. Once I return to Toronto, we’ll be talking more about it.”

This story was well chronicled last month all over the blogosphere and now it looks like we another wrinkle being added.

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Stevens8204 said...

This is like the never ending story...well maybe not quite. Hopefully it all works out for the kid.