October 28, 2008

Adam Mair Not a Fan of Jarkko Ruutu

During last night's 5-2 victory by the Senators over the Sabres, Jarkko Ruutu was being his pesty self and getting under the skin of his opponents, namely Adam Mair. During a line change, it seemed that Ruutu tripped up Mair, but before he could get to the former Penguin, the referees stepped in and skated him to the Buffalo bench. That was not the end of things:

"After Neil, Mair, the Senators' Jarkko Ruutu and the Sabres' Patrick Kaleta got kicked out of the game at 18:12 of the third, Mair came down the hallway near the Ottawa dressing room, still in uniform, calling for Neil.

Ruutu went out and a scuffle started. It was quickly broken up, but the episode could lead to suspensions or fines. It didn't help that the incident was caught on TV or that NHL commissioner Gary Bettman was in the building."

The end of the scuffle was caught on video here with Mair yelling to Ottawa's Luke Richardson about protecting Ruutu all season being a joke.

In the end, you can say what you want about Ruutu, but he does a great job of taking opponents off their game. He's part of that class of players that you love when they're on your team and hate when you're playing against them.

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Anthony Woods said...

Video goodness http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqzOtW4zpBc