October 30, 2008

Best Captain in the NHL Tournament Round Two

Round one is finished and there were at least 650 votes in each pool. You can see the winners and voting totals along the right-side.

Voting for round two will begin tonight at midnight and last through next Thursday, November 6th. Be sure to visit often and support your team's captain.

Sidney Crosby v. Joe Sakic

Saku Koivu v. Chris Drury

Roberto Luongo v. Jarome Iginla

Scott Niedermayer v. Nicklas Lidstrom

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Dave Dunseith said...

The fact that Shane Doan lost by more than double the votes to Bobby Lou as great a goalie as he is makes no sense...Doan embodies all the qualities of a top leader in hockey...

Going Five Hole said...

that's what happens when fans vote...or not

Loser Chris said...

Why can't I write in Ronnie Francis?

MotherPucker.ca said...

Joe Sakic
Saku Koivu
Jarome Iginla
Nicklas Lidstrom

Mark said...


Scotty Hockey said...

Hey Sean, is your readership primarily in Pittsburgh high schools? That is the only way I can imagine Cindy Crosby getting any votes over Joe Sakic ...