October 23, 2008

Best Captain in the NHL Tournament

The captains of NHL teams are the heart and soul. They are the face of the team and the leaders on the ice. To celebrate what captains bring to the great game of hockey, GFH is proud to announce the "Best Captain in the NHL" tournament, featuring 26 men who wear the 'C'.

Teams that rotate captains or do not have a captain (Toronto, Atlanta, Minnesota, and Florida) were not included.

There will be six pools of four teams that will go against each other in the voting. The top vote getter in each pool will move on to the second round head-to-head match-ups. The winners of Pool 1 and 6 will face Pittsburgh and Detroit respectively. The Stanley Cup finalists were given byes in the first round.

Voting will run from Friday's to Thursday's until a champion is crowned. Here is the schedule:

Round 1- 10/24 to 10/30
Round 2- 10/31 - 11/6
Semifinals- 11/7 - 11/13
Finals- 11/14 - 11/20

Teams were randomly selected for each pool.

Pool 1 (winner to face Pittsburgh in 2nd round)
NY Islanders
Tampa Bay

Pool 2

Pool 3
NY Rangers
St. Louis

Pool 4
San Jose

Pool 5
Los Angeles

Pool 6 (winner to face Detroit in 2nd round)
New Jersey

Voting is now open, with the polls being listed along the right side of the page so be sure to spread the word and support your teams' captain.

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Scotty Hockey said...

Fantastic poll idea, may Iggy or Morrow win ...

chrisl1225 said...

Pool 4 is officially the group of death

shoresie said...

Wow.... very surprised at how bad Morrow and Rivet are doing. Rivet is an absolute beast... and losing... to Scott Niedermeyer of all people... my word.

Drakenlot said...

Morrow may be good, but against Sakic, he's toast.

Sakic THE face of the Avs, and I doubt there will be aonther leader like him on the team.

kprimeau25 said...

Hey guys, Mike Richards is definetly the best captain in the NHL these days. Just watch him play sometime. He dominated the ice every game he plays, is gritty, stands up for teammates, and has Lemieux-esc poise beyond his years. Hey, check out my Flyers blog at http://myspace.com/georgemrns08

Scotty G said...

Wow, really awesome idea, sean! Some of the first round pools seem very uneven, though.

Bob in Boulder said...

May Morrow win? LOL. He's classless compared to Super Joe. Did you catch his whining fit of 'roid rage near the end of that last Av-Stars game?

DEMON212 said...

It seems that everyone seems to be saying how great these captains are, because of how well they play.

When surely the whole point is, to say who leads the best.

And for my money, no one leads a team as good as Sakic. He always tries, which is what you want from a leader (Because if your leader gives up, your team will give up).

He very rarely ever speaks back at the ref, which again, is showing good leadership by setting a good example. Because you can get 10 minute misconducts quite easily for gobbing off to the ref.

He rarely takes penalties (Which is probably why the Avs have the lowest minor penalty minutes in the NHL at the moment).

And then... He's a great player who can train the kids and pretty much coach as well as captain the team.

Bob in Boulder said...

Wow, what a mismatch in the final. Good triumphs over evil. Too bad evil currently owns the Cup.

KevSyr19 said...

or bib it could be Avs fans busy stuffing the ballot :)