October 15, 2008

Changes Coming for the 2009 NHL All-Star Weekend

Darren Dreger took time from dropping the latest bombshell in the Mats Sundin saga and actually reported some decent news today about the upcoming All-Star Weekend in Montreal.

NHL Senior VP/Director of Hockey Operation Colin Campbell, Executive Vice President of Programming and Production John Shannon, and the NHLPA's Director of Player Affairs and former goaltender Glen Healy all met to discuss changes that could be made to spice up the otherwise non-entertaining weekend.

Such changes discussed:

-Incorporating players of the past into the events (ie. a goaltending challenge between Martin Brodeur and Patrick Roy?)

-A head-to-head shootout featuring past stars against current goaltenders.

-Past stars against the current crop of young talent.

-Every player involved in the Skill Competition will participate in a "Survivor" shoot-out where those who miss will be eliminated until a last man is standing.

-The "Trick Shot" shoot-out will involve pre-selected players who will have a few weeks to practice moves going up against a celebrity goaltender or one from a lower league like the ECHL.

-To encourage players from faking injuries to get out of participating, players who make the teams will receive a lovely parting gift such as a Rolex watch.

There's no question that the Skills Competition needs some sprucing up. What say you? What do you want to see to improve All Star Weekend?

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Scotty Hockey said...

I want to see the ASG either moved outdoors or overseas. It is an exhibition game that is supposed to sell the game, and either circumstance would help achieve that goal. And it would put regular season hockey back in the arenas that it is supposed to be in.

Failing that, I would like a cushy job at one of the league's sponsors so I can enjoy being wined and dined by the NHL as a thank you for my business.

Eric K said...

the past stars idea sounds pretty solid. Hopefully 66 gets the call.

Brian said...

Some good ideas floated out there. One idea I've had in my head for a long while, but don't think will ever happen would be to switch things up and have goaltenders become the shooters (and maybe some selected skaters don the pads).

I dunno...just think it would be kind of cool to see goalies out there as regular skaters.