October 17, 2008

Do You Go There Again?

Marian Gaborik will likely be traded this season, possibly even before the March 3rd deadline.

With the need to find a productive winger for Sidney Crosby growing, do you make a deal for the soon-to-be unrestricted free agent?

If so, what/who do you give up? And is it worth the players/picks you're giving up to acquire another player who will more than likely not sign in Pittsburgh come July 1?

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Stevens8204 said...

I hope the Penguins do not pull the trigger for Gaborik....why take an even bigger risk on a player with chronic injury problems. Great when healthy but always a scary proposition. Buyer beware!

dappie99 said...

as much as i'd love to see gaborik a pen i feel it would also just be a short term deal. Hossa left such a sour taste from the offseason it would be crushing to the organization to take the risk on him and not gain anything from the prospects and picks we'd have to give up yet again.

eyebleaf said...

What, Satan and Fedotenko aren't doing the job?

trick781 said...

i say go for it, but this time around you got to be able to lock him up as part of the deal. the cowboys just landed roy williams from the lions and instantly locked him up for 5 years. thats what has to be done. the only thing that worries me is who would we trade to get him? the pens are running out of trade bait. staal seems to be the only logical choice and i would hate to see him go.

Going Five Hole said...

@trick781: If the Pens go after Gaborik, it's a rental. No way will they be able to afford him ($7-9 million/season) past this season.

They could sign him, but then you'd be watching Crosby/Gabby/Malkin with ECHL players alongside of them.

Scotty G said...

I don't know.
Gaborik, while productive, would be another rental, and the pens need to start replenishing their prospects. Detroit stays good because they keep their picks and draft well.
Getting gaborik would likely take the loss of two high picks, one or two prospects and possibly an NHL-ready minor leaguer. Maybe more, prolly not less.
I think the Pens also need to lock up some talent for a bit. These one year deals are nice, but having a revolving door with Sir Sidney, I have to wonder if he'll be able to develop the chemistry he needs (Almost like a Kevin Stevens to Mario Lemieux, though not to that level)
Also, a player of that skill level will probably want some major cash...I think it'll have to be someone from within.
Now I went and changed the topic.
I think gabby will be gone before Shero freaks out enough to want him.

Scotty Hockey said...

No way. You did it already with Hossa and there aren't a whole lotta prospects left to part with, at least those that Minnesota would be interested in ...

Dave said...

Wow, this is a difficult proposition. I think my answer would be a conditional yes....

Condition #1
How do Goligoski and /or Letang develop over the course of the year? If the find their offensive stride (as Goligoski looks to be doing) then you package one of them and some prospects. Whitney may also become expendable if you see these guys come around.

Offensive D-Men are a premium asset. The Pens have several. I would say Sarge is too important in the long run. He's a leader and a calming force. Whitney is good for the chemistry, but eliminating his price tag may free up money to keep a guy like Gaborik.

Condition #2
If Satan and/or Fedotenko find their groove with this team it may become a moot point, therefore the answer would be no.

It's early, but with the fast start of the Rangers, we may not have time to wait. Before we know it a playoff spot could be gone.

More than anything work the lines. Maybe something like this:

Line 1
Staal, Crosby, Sykora (shooter and size on the Kid's wings)
Line 2
Satan, Malkin, Fedotenko (Some Russian magic maybe?)
Line 3
Kennedy, Talbot, Dupuis
Line 4
Goddard, Cooke, Zigomanis

Whale4ever said...

Wow...no Bouwmeester talk. That's a first. He's typically a lock when talking potential trades.

David said...

No. Hossa was great for the team last year, but as he showed, you take a huge risk with these rentals.

Ultimately, last year's team was just one or two moves away from a Cup and the Hossa move was the right one to make.

This year, long term success is more important. I'd rather miss out on the Cup this year and stay relevent for the next 3-5 years than risk the future for one run.

Use the trading chips we have (Staal, or Fedo/Satan's 1 year deals) to pick up some guys who will be productive (not necessarily all-stars, but solid producers) and that will allow Sid and Geno to be The Man on their own lines.