October 31, 2008

Friday Five: Things That Need to be Changed at Ranger Home Games

Having attended New York Ranger games frequently for the past six seasons, there are five things that I wish fans/the arena would stop doing during the games. You die hard Ranger fans may hate me for a few of them (one in particular) but believe me, it’s for the best.

1) Stop chanting “Potvin Sucks” a thousand times of game

Folks, this cheer has been around since the early 80’s when Denis Potvin nailed Ulf Nielson and knocked him out of the 1979 playoffs. Yes, it was a cheap hit and yes, Potvin deserves the wrath of Blueshirt fanatics but enough is enough. Ranger fans chant “Potvin Sucks” at least 10 times a game and what’s more, they do it every single game, not just when they are playing the New York Islanders or the Florida Panthers (broadcaster of the team). Ranger fans should save the chant for only those teams, not the Carolina Hurricanes, Ottawa Senators or Tampa Bay Lightning.

2) Dancing Larry needs a dance partner

If you haven’t heard of him already, “Dancing Larry” tries to get the team going in the third period by dancing to the 90’s hit “Strike it Up”. It seems he’s been doing it forever and while it’s fun and gets the crowd pumped up, it’s getting awkward watching a man dancing by himself. The arena needs to find a beautiful woman for him to grind with, something I’m sure most fans would agree with.

3) There is no need for a “Let’s Go Rangers” chant during the middle of the National Anthem

I understand that fans are pumped during the National Anthem as they are anxiously awaiting the puck to drop. However, this does not mean that they need to do a “Let’s Go Rangers” chant during the middle of it.

4) Rangers Trivia needs to stop being so easy

Whenever they have a fan attempt to answer a trivia question during a TV timeout, it always seems like he or she gets the answer right. This is because fans in the background and arena officials are helping him or her just so they can giveaway a free team “goody” bag, if you could even call it that. How about they make it harder by having an arena spotlight shine directly on him and requesting the crowd to be silent? Now that would be pressure packed!

5) Stop chanting shoot during the power play

If the Rangers’ power play wasn’t bad enough, the team has to hear its fans chant “shoot” every second. Yes, I claim to do this too but realized that it’s absolutely pointless. These guys know what to do with the puck and need to be a bit more patient.

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Scotty Hockey said...

Ok guys, my turn:

1 - Many True Blue Ranger fans are sick of Potvin sucks too but are well outnumbered nowadays. I completely agree that it should be Isles and Panthers only; it's something that I have been saying that for years. And it's Ulf Nilsson, not Neilson.

2 - There is Dancing Grandma now as well as Larry.

3 - We'll stop yelling Let's Go Rangers when the Dallas fans stop yelling Stars every time they hear it in the anthem, ok?

4 - The guy last night got trivia wrong.

5 - The day hockey fans stop yelling shoot is the day fans stop going to the games.

Zach said...

Heh. Nice post. I attended my very first game at MSG last weekend when the Pens were in town, and I'm laughing at all of these.

I found them all entertaining while I was there, simply because I was soaking in some awesome tradition, but I can see how somethings should come to an end, and could be annoying for regulars.

My favorite thing about MSG, though, was the goal horn/song. Having the whole rink sing along was one of the coolest things ever, especially on that last second goal. I loved every second of it, and I'm a die-hard Pens fan.

Either way, what a great atmosphere to watch a game. I can't wait until I can make another trip down from Ottawa.

Patrick Hoffman said...

Sorry for the mispelling, Scotty. I usually don't make too many spelling mistakes.

Your other points are well taken.