October 28, 2008

Highlights From Tonight's Capitals-Predators Game


that's all.

How the Caps didn't see this coming and move the game up to 7:30 p.m. ET to avoid the Versus-blackout restrictions is beyond me.


Pops Freshenmeyer said...

A 7:30 start wouldn't have made a difference. Tampa-Toronto and Carolina-Montreal were both 7:30 starts and blacked out in the US. To get their game on TV, the Caps would've had to start at 8:30 or so.

That's such a great way to grow the game in "non-traditional" markets: black out the local team so the only hockey on is Philadelphia torching Atlanta like General Sherman. The NHL either needs to end Versus' exclusivity on Tuesday nights or quit scheduling other early games on Tuesdays, because that's a fucking joke.

Going Five Hole said...

not sure where you were watching but I aw both the TB-TOR (TSN) and CAR-MON (RDS) games last night no problem.

Pops Freshenmeyer said...

Exactly, and you saw the Canadian broadcasts of both of them. I got both games too. Versus' blackout restrictions don't apply to Canada.

Pops Freshenmeyer said...

You can check Carolina's and Tampa's schedules, and neither team got broadcast in their home markets last night. If there's an available feed, and the game isn't on the NHL Network in the US, it's going to be on Center Ice.