October 6, 2008

"Hockey Player for Life"

Friend of GFH, Howard Shapiro is an author who's got a children's book coming out tomorrow called "Hockey Player for Life". What's it about? Here's the product review:
"Hockey Player For Life is a story about a 13 year old can't miss hockey player who misses. The story deals with his rising up after falling down and the subsequent mistakes he makes. The main character, Tom, is his hockey team's best player and he gets invited to be on a all star team in Canada and he thinks this is the beginning of his march to the NHL. He's never really faced any adversity and he leaves his hometown team which ends up missing the playoffs without him. He plays in 2 tournaments in Canada before being unceremoniously cut. He returns to his old team and must earn his teammates and his coach's respect back. He becomes good friends with the team s worst player and they share a great bond and the worst player teaches him what it means to be a hockey player for life! "
This is a book geared towards younger teens, 11-13 years old and would make a great gift with the holiday season fast approaching. Howard sent me one of his other books, Hockey Days, which is a fantastic book for younger kids. I sent it to my nephew who loves it.

So if you're looking for a gift giving idea, keep Howard Shapiro and his books in mind this holiday season. You can find his books through his website or on Amazon.com.

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JP said...

And here I thought from the title that it was going to be a post about a hockey player's thoughts on the abortion issue...