October 7, 2008

Linda Cohn Supports Homerism

ESPN's hockey heads gave their predictions on the NHL season today and while majority of them were sensible and seemed to be well-thought out, Linda Cohn had no issue making predictions while wearing her Mark Messier jersey.

I'm all for prediction making and throwing in some surprises, but I don't even think you'd find a Ranger fan who's believe they'd defeat the Red Wings in the Stanley Cup.

And Tampa Bay winning the Southeast? Somewhere in northern Florida right now, Barry Melrose is preparing a gift basket.

Ballhype: hype it up!

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tanya said...

not sure what cohn is taking but i want those pills too

Milton Byron said...

OMG,,,, the RANGERS?????? I thought they moved into the AHL after losing so much in off season

Scotty Hockey said...

If you can't believe your team will win the Cup at this point of the year, why bother watching?

Going Five Hole said...

have you met fans in LA, Colorado, Long Island and St. Louis, Scotty?

Scotty Hockey said...

I didn't know Long Island had fans Sean ... hahahahahahahaha. Poor BMR Kev.

penzrule said...

Tampa is in central Florida, not northern.