October 11, 2008

The Long Road Back Continues Tonight...

This is how it began last April before the first-round series against Ottawa.

We all know how it ended.

Now, months later, it's time to start the long haul to get back to that point again.

It won't be easy. This is a drastically different team that stepped onto the ice last October against Carolina on Opening Night.

The Pens lost some great chemistry players, but secured their core of Fleury, Crosby, Malkin, Orpik, and Whitney within the past year. The departed holes were filled in by the likes of Fedotenko, Satan, Godard, and Cooke. It's worked for the Devils for the past 15 years, why not Pittsburgh?

As tremendous as last season was for Pens fans, there's only one way to top it and that's being the one to raise the Stanley Cup.

Let's Go Pens!

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