October 5, 2008

Marty Biron's 70's Show

Wayne Fish has a cool story about Flyer goaltender Marty Biron changing up his mask for the coming season. Seems as if he's going to try and channel a 1970's Bernie Parent with his new look.

"Martin Biron has decided to go retro this season. He's breaking in a new mask/helmet that looks a lot like the one Flyers Hall of Fame ex-goaltender Bernie Parent sported in the '70s.

The mask has a similar all-white look with a small Flyer logo, a big departure from the Canadian outdoors motif on the one Biron wore the previous two seasons.

There's more to the story than just the paint job: It's a different style of mask and Biron says he's still getting used to it in terms of vision and comfort.

“This one is simple, it's totally different and that's what makes it fun,” Biron said."

Biron is using the same painter that Carolina's Cam Ward uses.

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1 comment:

Milton Byron said...

BERNIE BERNIE BERNIE..... Sounds like BIRON BIRON BIRON,,, if you say it after a few beers and a order of cheese nacho's