October 16, 2008

Mascot Protection This Halloween

Worried your kids might receive some tampered candy this Halloween?

Hoping there's not a shady van following your kids around the neighborhood as they hunt for treats?

Want a 7'3 dragon to protect your kids?

Then the New York Islanders have the perfect opportunity for you. Between now and October 24th, bid on the chance to have New York Islanders mascot Sparky the Dragon go trick-or-treating with your kids.

"Help the Islanders Children's Foundation by bidding on a chance for your child to go trick or treating with the Islanders mascot, Sparky on Halloween. Sparky will be celebrating Halloween this year with some of his biggest Islander fans. If you are the highest bidder, Sparky will come down to your neighborhood on October 31st from 4pm to 5pm to go trick or treating with your children. Sparky will be on-site to trick or treat with your family and friends as well as take pictures and sign autographs for everyone in your group."

What you may not want to tell your kids is that through NHL Auctions, there's currently four different auctions running through the 24th, all listing that Sparky will be available in your neighborhood from 4-5pm on Halloween. That, my friends, is the sole reason interns are in existence. I'm sure one lucky group will get the true Sparky and the other three will be left with interns who are used to filing paperwork, answering phones, and giving Garth Snow trade advice.

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the-jumbotron.com said...

you can also rent Nordy out for functions. A monster mash of mascots?
Damn it, I should be writing the front page of NHL.com

Stagerat said...

Penguins are doing the same thing with 'Iceberg'.... although what a 7 foot tall penguin is going to do against a gun-toting sugar addict is beyond me...