October 6, 2008

Monday Afternoon Required Reading

Puck Daddy has a chat with Dave "The Hammer" Schultz. Part One. Part Two.

Steve Lepore has your NHL tv information for the season. (NHL Arena Program)

Bruce Boudreau tries to top the Penguins in the acting department. (Capitals Kremlin)

The Brandon Sugden era is likely officially finished. (Islanders Point Blank)

Previewing the new NHL logos this season. (Icethetics)

The Capitals love them some rollercoasters. (Japer's Rink)

Copying the defending champs isn't always the blueprint for success. (Globe & Mail)

The pressure is one these ten players to have bounce back seasons. (Sportsnet)

You ain't cool if you ain't on this list. (LCS Hockey)

NY Daily News readers miss John Dellapina already. (The Sports Hernia)

Tyler Arnason not making friends in Colorado. (The Avslova Factor)

Czechs love them some fisticuffs. (NY Times Slap Shots)

Carey Price and his ridiculous save. (Barry Melrose Rocks)

Hockey and politics are very familiar with each other. (Greatest Hockey Legends)

How the economy could affect Buffalo hockey. (The Hockey News)

Read all about Scotty Hockey's Swiss adventure following the Rangers. (Scotty Hockey)

ESPN's Linda Cohn loves her some hockey. (ESPN.com)

Newest member of your Iowa Chops? Bobby Ryan. (Battle of California)

Sean Avery, starting early in Dallas. (Black Aces)

Wayne Gretzky is holding back the development of Janne Pesonen. (Janne Pesonen and the Pens)

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1 comment:

tanya said...

"Wayne Gretzky paid the Pittsburgh Penguins 3.5 Million USD to send Janne to the minor leagues to try and protect his records..." nice to see that mrs Gretzky hasn't gamble all their money..