October 27, 2008

Monday Afternoon Required Reading

An interview with Penguins prospect Joe Vitale. (Faceoff Factor)

A little tease video featuring some LA Kings on The Price is Right. (A Queen Among Kings)

10 tough guys from the Norris and Adams Divisions.

An Islanders player not a fan of high-fiving Mike Ribeiro. (nhLOL)

Debating fighting in the game. (Minnesota Wild Times)

Will Ovechkin return to form? (Storming the Crease)

A review of "Boys of Winter". A must read for hockey fans. (Untypical Girls)

What NHL'ers would play A-Team cast members? (LCS Hockey)

A good read on the Marian Gaborik situation. (Globe & Mail)

Looking at the average ages and weights across the league. (James Mirtle)

Puck Daddy loves Kevin Smith.

Is Brian Burke to Toronto just media fodder or reality? (Sportsnet)

Senators fans in crisis. "The whole team in general just made me feel stabby last night." (Scarlett Ice)

You stay classy Philadelphia. (Fanhouse)

If you're an Isles fan and allow Steve Somers from WFAN and his playful jabs at the team to get under your skin, I can't help you. Turn the dial. (Islanders Point Blank)

Scotty Wazz asks what's the best way to throw a sex toy onto the ice?

The falling loonie has Canadian teams keeping an eye on things. (CBC)

"Hockey Homicide" is a cartoon title. Not a book about Chris Simon. (On Frozen Blog)

Taking issue with NHL.com's "3 stars of the night" selection process. (The Litter Box)

Ballhype: hype it up!

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