October 22, 2008

The NHL Giveth and Then Taketh Away

If you haven't checked the NHL schedule for this coming weekend, then you may not be aware of a strange quirk in the league fixtures.

On Saturday, all 30 teams will be in action beginning at 7pm E.T. Now might be a good time to let the loved ones know you'll be very pre-occupied.

After you may piss off the wife and loved ones by creating a deep ass-groove in your couch or lazy-boy on Saturday, you can be sure you'll be making up for lost time come Sunday as there are zero games scheduled thanks to Game 4 of the World Series taking place. Even the NFL didn't schedule Sunday Night Football this week. How courteous.

What's a hockey fan to do? Here's some suggestions:

-Throw that old jersey in the wash...finally.
-Recreate that overtime victory from last week using your McFarlane figures.
-Scrap that extra tape off your stick (you've got a dirty mind).
-Blog about how there's no games on Sunday.
-Immerse yourself in NHL 09.
-Set your fantasy rosters for the week.
-Go hunting with Clint Malarchuk.

Or maybe not.

Best of luck on your NHL off-day on Sunday!

UPDATE: NHL.com has some facts and figures about the busy Saturday night schedule.

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Anthony Woods said...

Awwwwwwwwwww, you went there with Clint.........

Scotty G said...

"-Go hunting with Clint Malarchuk."

ouch lol

Stevens8204 said...

Show must go on...we are still doing our podcast as scheduled.

We may do some drinking games though.