October 19, 2008

NHL Network Dropping the Ball on Hockey Night in Canada Coverage

"Highlighting the schedule is the inclusion of CBC’s award-winning Hockey Night In Canada, now available to U.S. fans through NHL Network for the first time. Every Saturday night, NHL Network will not only broadcast the live Hockey Night In Canada double-header, but also the CBC pre-game show Scotiabank Hockey Tonight and post-game show After Hours."

After promoting the fact that the NHL Network would broadcast every aspect of Hockey Night in Canada, the channel has, for the second straight week, cut out of its coverage early for regular programming.

Even worse, if you were watching tonight's Edmonton-Calgary game on NHL Network, you missed the final ten seconds of the Oilers 3-2 win. Once 12:30 a.m. ET hit, the game was switched to an episode of "Top 10" instead of HNiC's "After Hours". About 20 minutes later, NHL on the Fly was joined in progress, but not before finally switching to "After Hours" at 12:50 a.m. ET.

I have Direct TV, so I had no choice but to watch the Hockey Night in Canada broadcast via NHL Network. I couldn't switch to one of the usual Center Ice channels to catch the post-game show. If that's going to be the case, then someone at NHL Network needs to wake up and stay with the HNiC broadcast. For this to occur two weeks in a row is unacceptable, especially after the amount of press they received for bringing Hockey Night in Canada into US television markets.

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joe said...

Hell yeah. You are right. That sucked. Problem is, there's no one to complain to, as is typical with any NHL Center Ice or NHL Network problems

Going Five Hole said...

Joe, you'll be happy to know I heard from someone at NHL Network as well as Exec. VP of Programming of the NHL and they are working on the issue.

joe said...

Wow, great, thanks for the update.