October 26, 2008

Puttin' On the Foil - A Weekly NHL Recap 10/26

It's rather refreshing what we're seeing go down in New York. No, I'm not talking about the Rangers hot start, I'm talking about the possible breakout season for Nikolai Zherdev. There were high expectations in Columbus for the 4th overall pick in the 2003 NHL Draft, but he was constantly characterized as an enigma and a player who played when he felt like it. Other than the 2006-07 season, Zherdev put up decent numbers for the Blue Jackets, but this past summer the team had enough and shipped him to New York.

It was a fresh start for him and along with the Rangers red-hot start, Zherdev has found himself being a very big piece of New York's offense. Through 12 games, he's got 5 goals, 10 points, and is a +9. With a better lineup around him, it's likely that we're seeing the beginnings of what Nikolai Zherdev can do as a hockey player. Finally.

Mats Sundin is coming back! Maybe. Or not. He may have just needed a physical for his own sake.

The "War Room" in Toronto was sure to be crazy last night.

Kim St.-Pierre tended net during Canadiens practice, covering for a sick Carey Price.

The Religion of the Montreal Canadiens class coming to a university near you.

Expansion is not in the league's immediate future.

An excerpt from the upcoming Don Cherry book.

15. Colorado Avalanche

14. St. Louis Blues

13. Edmonton Oilers

12. Boston Bruins

11. Carolina Hurricanes

10. Anaheim Ducks

9. Washington Capitals

8. Pittsburgh Penguins

7. New Jersey Devils

6. Minnesota Wild

5. Montreal Canadiens

4. Detroit Red Wings

3. Buffalo Sabres

2. San Jose Sharks

New York Rangers

This week's edition of Coach's Corner

Ian Laperriere isn't a fan of Zach Stortini's fighting stye.

The 2009 Winter Classic jersey's unveiled.

Jarome Iginla, Calgary Flames
5 goals, 2 assists, 7 pts, +3
One of the best leaders in hockey led his team to a 3-0 week, including a 5-3 comeback victory over Nashville in which Iginla recorded a hat-trick.

Buffalo at Minnesota- 10/23
After going down 1-0 after the first period, Minnesota storms back with three unanswered goals, but not before the Sabres score twice in 46 seconds later in the third period to tie the game at 3-3. In overtime, Derek Roy only need 44 seconds to give Buffalo the extra point.


Saturday, November 1, 7:00 p.m. ET
Washington Capitals at Buffalo Sabres
Two of the fastest teams in the league square off and it would be nice to see a little scoring battle between Thomas Vanek and Alex Ovechkin.

Max Talbot reminds you of his brilliant A&L commercial from last year.

Ballhype: hype it up!

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Dave Dunseith - Mortgage Consultant said...

Would people please stop calling Jarome Iginla a great leader. He took his team past the 1st Rd ONCE and only once! and then CHOKED in the final 2 games against Tampa Bay failing to bring it home. He has done nothing in the post season since the Cup Run. Winners Win..Iginla hasn't won anything...so I guess Lecavalier and Richards are among the leagues Great Leaders, because unlike Iginla, they have a Cup Ring and a Conn Smythe between them....

Going Five Hole said...

Iginla has 21 pts in 20 games (2 7 game series) since the Cup run. He's done all he can. He can't help who his supporting cast is.

Dave Dunseith said...

Who did Messier have when he won the Cup in 1990? Who did Patrick Roy have when he won the Cup in 1993? Brodeur has done it single handed...bottom line, winners find a way..Iginla is not on that list, and never will be!

Going Five Hole said...

Kurri (93 pts)
Anderson (34 goals)
Tikkanen (30 goals)
Simpson and Klima over 50 pts

Lamb/Smith/Lowe on defense

Damphouse (97 pts)
Muller (94 pts)
Bellow and LeBeau over 80 pts

Desjardins/Schneider/Brisbois over 30 pts

Those names don't quite match that of the Langkows, Huselius', Amonte's, Lombardi's, and Tanguay's over the years.

Brodeur could argued the Devils success was the product of their system.

Dave Dunseith said...

Sean, you just confirmed my argument, because Kipper, Dion, Regehr, Tanguay, Langkow, Conroy, etc would be considered a much more stellar supporting cast than the Oil or Hab teams listed...and when you throw in the fact that Iginla declines to go to the Worlds every year...(He was a 4th liner in Salt Lake, I don't care that he scored 2 goals in the final against the US)...AGAIN, Leaders go lead when possible (Doan, Smitty, Nash, etc), it's not like Iginla has been playing a lot of playoff hockey the last decade...??

Going Five Hole said...

a more stellar supporting cast than the two HOF's Messier had in Edmonton?

Dave Dunseith said...

Bottom Line, Iginla, good hockey player, YES he is. Iginla as a great leader..only in the eyes of Flames fans and people who think it's acceptabl for leaders to consistently lose..

Dave Dunseith said...

You can give me 100 reasons why you think he is, and I can give you 100 reasons why he isn't, but the most telling stat...how many shots did Iginla register in Game 7 against Tampa Bay? A "great leader" who needs to lay it on the line, leave nothing on the ice, in Game 7 of the Cup, every child's dream, and Iginla registered how many shots on net?? That answer solidifies my reasoning....

Stagerat said...

Wouldn't it be more apt to classify a 'great leader' as the one the team members look to? Or the ones that carry the identity of the team? Local juxtaposition: Mario Lemieux-- 2 SC and scoring titles and trophies to fill a warehouse. Did that make him a 'great leader'? Or was it that the whole team looked to him and supported him?
Jaromir Jagr: Nearly identical resume, 2 rings, scoring titles, talent out the ass, did that keep him from becoming a 'great leader'? Who did the Pens/Caps/Flyers players look to led them? wasn't double J.
I think Iginla not only has the longest, coolest name in hockey, he's the leader of that team. Great, I don't know from, but he is the focus of his team mates, and they make him a leader.