October 25, 2008

Winter Classic Jerseys Leaked?

A poster on the Hockey's Future message boards put up this screen cap of an online order screen for Chicago Blackhawks and Detroit Red Wings Winter Classic player t-shirts. I'm still trying to figure out what website that could be from.

The Red Wings logo matches what MLive.com's Ansar Khan reported yesterday with an olde English 'D' ( I like them). Chicago's looks similar to the famous barber pole uniforms the team began wearing in the mid-1930's.

We'll find out in a few hours as the actual jerseys will be unveiled during tonight's Chicago/Detroit game beginning at 8:30 p.m. est.

In other news, due to improper markings on the ice sheet at TD BankNorth Gardens, the Thrashers and Bruins will switch sides at the first stoppage of play after the ten minute mark of the third period.

"The change in format is occurring due to incorrect markings on the West End (visitors bench side) of the TD Banknorth Garden ice. In the West End, the two face-off dots are 24 feet from the goal line – four feet longer than NHL specifications. The corresponding face-off circles are also four feet further away from the goal line."

UPDATE: The jerseys which you'll see on January 1, 2009:

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1 comment:

ScottyWazz said...

Yeah-- that's them. They were unveiled today.