November 13, 2008

Best Captain in the NHL Finals

The votes have spoken and it looks like the final battle to decide who is the Best Captain in the NHL will come down to Joe Sakic and Nicklas Lidstrom. Not really a shock there as they are the long tenured leaders of their clubs, the only clubs they've ever played for.

Voting will begin at midnight tonight and run through next Thursday. It's really a toss-up between these two as both are phenomenal captains on the ice and good people off the ice.

Oh, and nice to see the NHL running their own captain tournament, only using past players as well.

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Anthony Woods said...

I'm not liking the Lidstrom win here.....I like a Captain who will drop the mitts. No Gordie Howe hat trick in Lidstom's future(or past)

Oskar said...

ok, I'm from Sweden and are very proud of Lidström, but I would never say that he is better as a captain than Sakic. It can only be detriot fans claiming that. Sakic is at least as good as Yzerman and would anyone say that Lidström is bigger than him?