November 25, 2008

Fantasy Frenzy: One To Watch

Somewhat quietly Monday the Toronto Maple Leafs moved two underachieving prospects in exchange for underrated winger Lee Stempniak from the St. Louis Blues. This is a prime example of a player's value immediately as a result of his new surroundings. Stempniak was one of the few remaining healthy bodies in St. Louis and had still piled up 13 points in 14 games. In joining Toronto his prospects for more offense will only increase as he goes to a team that has had much more success offensively this season.

I have already pointed out Stempniak's offensive exploits here and I am, at the risk of turning GFH into the Lee Stempniak fan club, going to tout him one more time. It remains to be seen how Ron Wilson will work Stempniak into the Toronto lineup, but the fact is that he is a top six forward and his value has just shot up. If you are looking for an offensive upgrade (or maybe you are one of the poor souls like me who now needs to find a replacement for Brenden Morrow) you should take a long hard look at Lee the Leaf and try to find room for him on your roster. I think you will be happy you did.

Pick-Up of the Week:
  • Jiri Hudler (LRW - DET) - Not one of the big names in Motown, Hudler may be playing the best hockey of anyone wearing the winged wheel these days. Hudler managed 4 goals (2 were game-winners), 2 assists, and a +5 rating. Not bad production from a guy who is probably still a free agent in a lot of leagues.
Fantasy 3 Stars of the Week:
  1. Marc Savard - This line speaks for itself: 2 goals, 6 assists, +4 rating, 6 PIM, and 3 power play points. What more could you ask for from the hottest player on the NHL's hottest team?
  2. Jiri Hudler - See above.
  3. Pavol Demitra - The signing of Demitra is really starting to pay off for the Canucks. He led the league with 5 goals in the past week and added one helper as well. Demitral and the Sedin twins have really taken off in the last few games and should pay big dividends for fantasy owners going forward.
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1 comment:

BrettB in STL said...

Well, Stempy hasn't looked good at all this season. Hopefully a new surrounding can get him going, but I don't see it happening. He did win the game for the Blues last week in OT, but it was a simple shot on net from the Blue line.

I'm still thinking the Blues made out good on dumping Stempy and his rather large paychecks, for 2 younger players who may or may not pan out. The Blues are rebuilding, and have loads of young talent. I think the Leaves got a great short term fit, where as the Blues were in it for a longer term payoff.