November 12, 2008

A Great Day for Hockey Indeed

The "Great Day For Hockey" video that the Penguins put out a couple of weeks ago is nothing short of perfect in capturing the effect that the team had on the city last season and the memories that were left in the minds of fans everywhere.

Despite an unfavorable end, the laundry list of memories that fans will take away from the 2007-08 season is something many teams do not get in a decade. That's the great part of being a fan, the memories that linger game after game. As a Pens fan, I'm still buzzing from last night's win over Detroit. I haven't felt like that after a game since Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

It's a great time to be a Penguins fan and for those fans who are old enough to remember the lean years, it's a great day for hockey in Pittsburgh

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J-Dub said...

i get so excited everytime i watch that. It makes me proud to be a die hard pens fan!

Scotty G said...

Definitely have to agree with you, Leahy. That commercial is just awesome. Goosebumps every time.

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

Once again, a team other than the Bruins puts out a killer video. Last year's Game 6 recap doesn't count.

byeskey said...

Sweet sweet video. Just like Scott g said, "Goosebumps every time."