November 20, 2008

Last Day to Vote for the Best Captain in the NHL Tournament

Over on the right hand side you'll see the totals are completely on the side of Joe Sakic, but there's still time left for Red Wings fans to stuff those ballots and allow Nicklas Lidstrom to win the Best Captain title.

The Av fans have obviously had enough of watching their team this season and have taken to spreading the word and stuffing the box (that's what she said), while the Red Wings fans came out at first, but likely thought this was in the bag and have since gone back to dressing as empty seats at Joe Louis Arena*.

(*insert "Hey Leahy, how did that Stanley Cup finish in June?" joke here)

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Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

The answer:

"If a team wins a stanley cup, but no one's there to see it, did it really happen?"

Lex said...

What's funny is I went to the Red Wings game here in Tampa Bay, and the place was filled with red and white. A friend told me it was much the same against the Florida Panthers.