November 2, 2008

Mainstream Media v. Bloggers Part 324

By now, you've all heard/read about Washington Capitals forward Alexander Semin's comments regarding Sidney Crosby from Puck Daddy. It's the biggest off-ice story this week and has received the attention of bloggers and message board posters around the world. Whether or not you agree with what Semin said is just one part of the story. The other half is the never-ending battle between the mainstream media and bloggers.

The interview was conducted by Dmitry Chesnokov, who writes for Sovetsky Sport. He was willing to do the interview with Semin for Puck Daddy. Greg and I spent about twenty minutes on Thursday formulating questions to give to Dmitry to use.

The interview blew up, of course, because of the Crosby comments and the rest is history.

A funny thing happened though along the way. The mainstream media picked up on it because Sidney Crosby was being slighted. Take out the Crosby comments and it's just an interview with another Russian hockey player, but diss the league poster boy and that's headline news.

We all know the blogger v. mainstream media issues that have been reported in the past, but the problem here has nothing to do with press credentials or anonymous rumors, it has to do with giving credit where credit is due.

From TSN:

In an interview with Yahoo! Sports on Friday, the Russian winger said he didn't know what all the fuss was around No. 87."

From Sportsnet:

"'What's so special about (Crosby)? I don't see anything special there,' Semin, who leads the NHL with 16 points, said in an interview with"

From the London-Free Press:

"'What's so special about (Crosby)?' said Semin, through an interpreter, in an interview with "I don't see anything special there."

From Canwest:

"'What's so special about (Crosby)? I don't see anything special there,' Semin said in an interview with"

From Jim Matheson, Edmonton Journal (my personal favorite take):

"But he was in fine form for a Russian publication when saying, basically, that Sidney Crosby is overrated. "

Really Jim Matheson? How the hell do you attribute the interview to a Russian publication? Did you even read the actual Puck Daddy post or take snippets from another media outlet who reported the story?

And bloggers are lazy in their research.

I'm sure there's plenty of other mainstream media outlets I'm leaving out that gave credit to Yahoo!, Yahoo! Sports, or like the Pittsburgh Penguins pre-game show said "". The point is why are these outlets afraid to say, "In an interview with Yahoo!'s Puck Daddy blog..."? Blogs are increasing in numbers and there are tons of bloggers who are incredible writers, some better than certain ones in the MSM. Fans are flocking to blogs over newspapers. Why else would newspapers start having their beat writers create blogs? They need to compete with the 24-hour news cycle.

With Puck Daddy being affiliated with Yahoo!, that should be enough merit to feel confident in the information provided without having to think twice. Of course, the MSM is afraid to credit a "blog" and they feel much more comfortable saying "Yahoo! Sports" because blogs are bad!

Funny thing is how many stories, across sports, that you hear in the news, on Pardon the Interruption and other shows, that start at the blog level and so grow massively that they hit the mainstream.

If any of those media outlets has done some research on Puck Daddy, they'd see it's a well-trafficked, informative "blog" and not have to call a teams' PR staff to double-check the validity of the interview.

I think for the next week, whenever I quote a site like TSN, Sportsnet, etc., I'm going to as good of a job crediting them as they did with Puck Daddy.

UPDATE: Pierre LeBrun kind of, sort of, gets it right...maybe? OK, no.

"Semin, through a translator, said this last week to Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo! Sports:"

It boggles me how many of these writer's don't fully read.

LeBrun then goes to believe that Semin's quote and meaning was lost in translation. As Greg mentioned on PD tonight, Dmitry Chesnokov conducted the interview and we stand by what he produced. What's been lost in translation is that it came from Puck Daddy.

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tanya said...

and none of them bothered to write that semin didn't diss crosby, just said that he doesn't think #87 is special and that he said good things about crosby...

not special isn't equal to bad

( i think that crosby is good player, maybe great, but there are also other good/great players in nhl)

Stevens8204 said...

That was something many mainstreamers lost in translation. Great job by you and Greg as always!!

Whale4ever said...

Nicely done, Sean. A-1.

JonnyP said...

Mainstream media stinks!

Sorry ... too easy. Good work bringing this to light.

Frank said...

You have no idea how much this pissed me off that you guys weren't credited properly. Not only are you the ones nailing down the interview, but you're also the ones doing the show prep FOR the guys who are wrongfully citing references.

Kudos on another solid job though. At least you know you have the devout respect and appreciation from your peers.

Bubba said...

Great article Sean. Heaven forbid MSM mentions the word "blog" as a reference point.