November 15, 2008

Marc-Andre Fleury's New Goalie Mask

Per the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

"Goaltenders Marc-Andre Fleury and Dany Sabourin will wear special masks with the Penguins' alternate uniforms. The Penguins will wear those uniforms - a light blue, dark blue and white design they also wore at the 2008 NHL Winter Classic - against the Buffalo Sabres tonight at Mellon Arena. Fleury's mask is the one he intended to wear at the Classic; he was injured a few weeks before the game and did not dress. Much of his mask is yellow - intentionally, as he was still sporting yellow leg pads, catching glove and a blocker when he commissioned its design early last season."

And from the Penguins website, here's the teams schedule of when they will be donning the powder blues:

Saturday, Nov. 15 Buffalo
Tuesday, Nov. 18 Minnesota
Saturday, Dec. 20 Toronto
Saturday, Dec. 27 Montreal
Saturday, Jan. 3 Florida
Sunday, Jan. 18 NY Rangers
Sunday, Feb. 8 Detroit
Wednesday, Feb. 25 NY Islanders
Saturday, March 14 Ottawa
Sunday, March 22 Philadelphia
Wednesday, April 1 New Jersey

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