November 3, 2008

Monday Afternoon Required Reading

Players who might be in need of a mask. (Faceoff Factor)

Coaches who look like other dudes. (LCS Hockey)

Leafs Nation v. Howard Berger. (Pension Plan Puppets)

Devils stiff Newark on rent. Will soon be buried under the endzone in Giants Stadium. (Fanhouse)

Did the Capitals just score or are the cops chasing me? (Stet Sports)

Good story on one of my favorite players, Erik Cole. (

Meet Dina, the Islanders in-arena hostess whom I've developed a rather large crush in my visits to Nassau Coliseum. (The 7th Woman)

Pretend to look like Tom Sellick and fight prostate cancer? Where do I sign up? (Hugging Harold Reynolds)

Senators prospect Alexander Nikulin wants a trade or will leave for the KHL. (Canadian Sports Web Site)

Team and league economics. (Hockey website)

Erik Cole on his return to Carolina. (An Edmonton Newspaper)

Mike Modano sounds off on the Stars' 5-1, penalty-filled loss to Boston. (Mike Heika)

There's been a Kevin Weekes sighting in New Jersey! (Fire & Ice)

More on head-hunting in the NHL. (Larry Brooks)

When creating your own trade rumor, please keep the salary cap in mind. (Lyle Richardson)

Why the Panthers and Thrashers should take a look at Marian Gaborik. (Mike Chen)

Keep an eye on Oscar Moller now that he's staying with the Kings. (LA Times)

Ballhype: hype it up!

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JonnyP said...

I agree with you Leahy ... for some reason I like the Islanders a little more now.

Chemmy said...

Thanks for the link, Howard Berger sucks.