November 18, 2008

NCAA round up.

Match up of the week --- Michigan 8-4-0 vs 6-3-3

The Michigan Wolverines by their standards are having an OK season so far this year. The Wolverines record the past four games is 2-2. During those four games the Michigan Wolverines have lost two games to Western Michigan University and University of Alaska (Fairbanks). Some of these struggles could be the key personnel that Michigan is missing from last year’s squad that went an impressive 33-6-4 before bowing out in the semifinal game of the Frozen Four.

It has been well documented that Michigan has also suffered some pretty significant injuries on the blue line this season. The Wolverines are missing senior Mark Mitera (knee) and junior Steve Kampfer (neck) and these two players are going to be gone for significant amount of time. Mitera may or may not make it back this season.

Offensively, Michigan has some big holes to fill losing a trio of key forwards Kevin Porter (graduation), Chad Kolarik (graduation), Max Pacioretty (NHL). That dynamic trio of forwards scored 158 points in offense last season and is now missing from the Michigan line up. Also, if you add the 40 points from the two injured blue liners you‘re missing a grand total of about 200 points from the line up. That is a big hole to fill. The fact that the Wolverines are 8-4-0 after 12 games is impressive. Most teams would have a tough time recovering from those losses.

Miami also has suffered some key personnel losses but not quite as significant as Michigan. Miami lost all-American forward Ryan Jones (graduation) and junior goaltender Jeff Zatkoff (NHL). The Miami Redhawks are leading the CCHA with 5-3-0 record and are 6-2-2 overall. Michigan is 5-3-0 and sitting in second place.
Series record: Michigan is 10-4-1 the last 15 games against the Redhawks.

Prediction: The fact that the Wolverines travel to Oxford this weekend, I am going to say split.

What is in a Ranking?

There has been an ongoing discussion on line about how good Air Force really is and what would be an appropriate ranking for the Falcons? While the Falcons have an impressive 10-0-0 record to start the season, who have the Falcons played that is any good? Answer: no one! Seriously folks, they really haven’t played anyone that really very good, they have feasted on the weak sisters of the poor. I understand the argument that your team plays the schedule they are given and they have beaten everyone on that schedule but they wouldn’t be 10-0-0 if they played a schedule of teams from the big four conference.

Here is there schedule that Air Force has played to date (it is not impressive at all): Sacred Heart 2-6-2 (x2), Bemidji State University 2-6-0, American International 2-8-0 (x2), Bentley 3-4-1 (x2), Holy Cross 2-6-1 (x2), the strongest team on that list is Bemidji State University and they are having a down season. One might say that they have feasted on cupcakes and their opposition has a combine record of 11-30-4 that is not impressive folks.

Goon’ s Top Ten

1. Minnesota
2. Boston University
3. Colorado College
4. Boston College
5. Northeastern
6. Miami
7. Notre Dame
8. Michigan
9. Denver
10. Minnesota State

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