November 14, 2008

The NHL Live Drinking Game

  • Whenever EJ Hradek looks at his cell phone.
  • At any mention of producer Gregg Baldinger.
  • For every time Gary Bettman drops into the studio.
  • Anytime the Civil War is mentioned when interviewing Ken Hitchcock.
  • Every time Don LaGrecca asks a player what other sports they like.
  • Each time WWE wrestling is brought up with Bruce Boudreau
  • When EJ Hradek says to an athlete, "Hey, lemme ask you..."
  • Whenever there is a shot of the "Hot Nuts" cart outside the studio.
  • Anytime Don LaGrecca introduces an interview with, "Don LaGrecca and EJ Hradek, how are YOU!?"
  • For every dumb question posed by a caller.
Drink twice...
  • Anytime there's a guest co-host with Don LaGrecca.
  • Whenever the new NHL Live apparel is pimped.
  • Every time there's a blackout/Center Ice question from a caller.
  • If the NHL Live theme song reminds you of a "Seinfeld" episode.
Got one you'd like to add? Let the world know in the comments.

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Mike said...

- Every time E.J. or Don is late
- Eddie O. talks about horse racing
- E.J. says "Young Stamkos"
- Billy Jaffee mentions he's losing his hair
- E.J. chooses going to the emails over taking phone calls

Jeremy said...

Anytime E.J. prefaces a question with a long, rambling history of the player that has nothing to do with the question, ala, "Zach Parise, you grew up here in the States, the son of an NHL'er, grew up around the rink, played with (so-and-so) in Bantams, were a (such-and-such) major at North lemme ask you, what is the level of comfort knowing you can take a risk forechecking because you've got Marty Brodeur behind you in net?"

Pokecheck said...

Drink twice every time EJ mentions how good Don looks since he lost weight.

And a complete chug at the end of the show when they do their knuckle tap.

Dan G said...

drink every time you catch their stat boy checking his gmail

drink every time the hotty working the register in the nhl store bends over

Anthony Woods said...

Barry Melrose fired. Kinda saw it coming, but it's still early. Biggest thing is Tocchet taking over. I'm sure that's going to work out great............

Bryan said...

HA! Excellent post. We did a NHL Drinking Game a while back...

Anyway, drink...
- Every time Don gets pissed at a caller for claiming they're biased towards the Rangers or any other team
- Every time Don goes over his weekend itinerary (i.e. "I gotta go call the Ranger game on Saturday, then I've got the Jets pre-game Sunday morning, etc...")
- Every time a caller has more than two points to make and/or talks for more than a minute straight
- Every time Don says "the top/bottom of the hour" instead of giving saying the actual time
- Every time Don compliments E.J. on something he's wearing

Russ said...

how can you guys drink at noon on a weekday?

anyway this game is genius

-Any time there is a comment about a bobblehead
-Any time someone from Texas asks a completely dumb question that has nothing to do with hockey
-Any time Don screws up reading an e-mail