November 8, 2008

Pens-Isles Open Thread

It's a great morning because I'm a few hours away from attending my first game of the year. The Penguins are in town to take on the Islanders, so I'll be at Nassau Coliseum tonight for hopefully a Pittsburgh victory. The Isles always give the Pens trouble no matter the records. Hopefully Sidney Crosby can give it a go tonight.

If anyone will also be at the game, look for the Irish guy in section 305 wearing a white Evgeni Malkin practice jersey. That'll be me.

In the meantime, let's try an open thread discussion on the state of the Pens. Have at it.

UPDATE: Crosby is playing tonight according to the PPG

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1 comment:

Scotty G said...

Three words come to mind:
Third Period Meltdown.

What is up with the pens quitting after the first 40 mins?
The Edmonton game comes to mind, but they've been doing this most of the season.

If they could just keep at it a little longer each game, I think a couple of those OT losses 2 points instead of just one.