November 9, 2008

Pens Win Controversial Shootout 4-3

It was great to be back at the rink tonight. A Penguins win (add asterisk) and another Islanders collapse was the recipe for a great night.

After coming out on fire Thursday night against Edmonton, the Pens once again tried to play pretty hockey and found themselves outshot 17-11 after two periods. Sometimes, with all the talent in the world that Pittsburgh possess, it's a hindrance. Perfect example was in the 3rd period when Evgeni Malkin came in on a two-on-one and dropped it back to Kris Letang who then tried to pass it back to Malkin and the puck skipped over his stick. Golden opportunity blown.

The telling stat of the game is 18-1. That's the shot totals for the Pens and Islanders in the third period respectively. Pittsburgh smelled blood in the water in the final frame and you can tell. On the tying goal by Tyler Kennedy, rookie Alex Goligoski was eager for the puck and called for it twice. The second time was the tying tally with 3:15 remaining.

The shootout winning "save" will be debated and it puzzles me why, if in a situation like that, referees must make a call. The fact that it was ruled no-goal initially hindered the review process. The eyes in Toronto were then forced to find conclusive evidence of where the puck was and that it crossed the line in order to overrule the initial call, which looked like it was a goal by Trent Hunter. That all could have been for naught since the Pens had another attempt, but we'll never know now will we?

Random jersey's of the night: Arizona Cardinals- Pat Tillman, San Diego Chargers- Dan Fouts, Vancouver Canucks- Matt Cooke, that awesome soul who had the mustard yellow Pens jersey.

Fan of the night: The Pens fan who responded to chants of, "Where is Hossa?" with "Where's the crowd?"

Brush with greatness of the night: Before the game I got to meet up with and chat with Islander Blog Boxer's BD Gallof of HockeyBuzz Fame and Tom Liodice from The Tiger Track. It was a pleasure meeting them and unfortunately, I didn't see them chomping on pretzels like the Blog Box initially promised.

Pittsburgh comes back to Long Island on November 26th and you can be sure I will be there.

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